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Internet marketing

We provide complex Internet marketing solutions from initial consultation, through designs and plans for the utilization of advertising activities,
to their realization and the measurement of their results and effectiveness.

Internet marketing is an effective, inexpensive and the only clearly measurable type of promotion in terms of the “value/money” parameter. Internet promotion has higher efficiency and lower costs in comparison with outdoor and print promotions. Internet marketing includes a set of services and products that completely cover the marketing, PR and promotional needs of customers. The basic objective is to obtain the maximum number of visitors from the defined target group into the defined conversion goals within the scope of the website. The types and the extent of services and products available through internet marketing are proposed with regard to the basic factor of “value/money”. It is done in such a way to achieve the minimum average price per visitor acquired into the defined conversion goal.

The process of realization of Internet marketing:

  • Initial consultation with the customer to determine requirements and budget
  • Proposal of a solution of a set of products and services of Internet marketing
  • Setting the efficiency and cost measurements of the operating Internet marketing
  • Optimization on the basis of the measured values, from the perspective of minimizing the costs per visitor to achieve the conversion goal