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TV, DVB-T software

Specialized software applications for Smart TV and Set Top Boxes.
Dynamics and optimized applications.

Software for TV and DVB-T

Software-pro-DVB-T-Topfun.pngWe develop specialized software applications for Smart TV and Set top boxes. We have developed the biggest Czech VOD (Video on demand) video rental store TOP FUN. The VOD store is supporting TV Samsung models: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. The application layout is developed by Samsung TV SDK tools for devices:
- TV
- Set top box
- Blu-ray player
- Smart multimedia center
- Home cinema

Implemented brands of a TV and STB devices

- Samsung
- Sony
- LG
- Philips
- Panasonic

- Humax
- Skyworth
- Gogen

Development technology
In development we use a new technology HTML5 standard. The technology is for multiplatform application for more type of devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV. We know issues related to the copyright laws of digital media DRM (Digital Rights Management). All our applications are dynamics and optimized for a specific model. We use distant administration XML and it is possible to create application for more models by one process legalization.


IT & Marketing

We implement new, more economical solution, provide easy-to-understand advisory services and provide a complex range of IT and marketing.

We supply and implement software security solution ESET.

We provide services of world wide effective device for antispam protection.

We have got important award for extraordinary contribution for sale of 1.000.000 active Skylink cards.