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ISMS-1806-th.jpg Into ISMS | 2018-06-11

ISMS Entry Certification - Information Security Management System, which focuses on the processes of protection and prevention of damage to processed data.

axelos-mop-1709-th.jpg MoP Foundation | 2017-09-27

We have achieved the MoP® Foundation certification. The goal of the MoP® methodology is to improve the management of processes, programs, strategies and investments in which we participate in project implementation.

eset-certifikat-1707-th.jpg Eset Certificate | 2017-07-25

We are certified vendors of Eset security solutions providing software protection against Internet threats for personal and corporate computers.

data.protector-1706-th.jpg Data Protection Officer | 2017-06-23

We hold a Data Protection Officer, which entitles us to supervise GDPR processes for businesses, organizations, and government.

prince2-1604-th.jpg Prince2 Certification | 2016-04-20

We are holders of the Prince2 Foundation Certification, which focuses on adhering to effective project management practices and practices. The certification is managed by Axelos as part of a joint venture with the British Government.

barracuda-th.jpg Barracuda networks | 2018-07-23

Používáme jednu z nejvýkonnějších technologií pro potlačování nevyžádaných emailových zpráv od americké společnosti Barracuda.


skylink.oceneni-th.jpg Skylink ocenění | 2010-04-07

Skylink, a provider of satellite TV, has appreciated our company for its significant contribution to the sale of 1 million active Skylink cards.

certifikat.nejlepsi.produkt.2002-th.jpg 65/5000 The Best Product - Engineering Portal for Autopal CR | 2002-02-26

We have been awarded the Best Product Award 2002 by Autopal's worldwide manufacturer of lighting components for building an engineering portal.