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Web sites and E-shops

We use our own developed specific technologies for the implementation of websites and e-shops. These are frameworks whose technological level and functionality are constantly supported. Through these technologies, websites and e-shops are implemented in a short time and with full user-friendly administration and a functional responsive graphically designed layout. We process information content by exporting and importing data via various data formats or by data integration via specifically created scripts and running crons.

Websites on CMS (Content Management System)

We implement the website on our own CMS content management system solution. The content management system contains a user-friendly administration based on editing the tree structure of the website menu of links. The individual nodes of the tree structure represent individual pages that can be edited. The specificity of this solution is the component construction of data structures directly in the administration environment, which allows users almost unlimited possibilities in the field of information content management of websites. This owns solution eliminates the disadvantages of open-source content management systems, especially in the area of security operation.

Content Management System

E-shop implementation

The implementation of the e-shop begins with the creation of a web design. Approved graphic materials are implemented via CSS styles into a ready-made framework, which contains the standard sales process and other related functions. The e-shop can be supplemented with other specific functionalities defined by the client and it is possible to connect product databases with other systems.

Operation and internet marketing

Websites and e-shops we operate securely in our own data center and we also provide internet marketing services that bringing potential customers from the internet, see internet marketing.