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E-mail marketing

By using our own technology, we are ready to send out mass e-mails in the amount of up to several hundreds of thousands in a short time.
We provide advisory services on how to use e-mail marketing and we create newsletters.

E-mail marketing is one of the most important Internet marketing tools. Together with other tools of the communication mix, it is a very effective tool for attracting new customers or retaining the existing ones.

Distribution of special offers, such as: newsletters, seasonal offers, informational e-mails or invitations to Facebook are activities which help us to build and maintain the awareness of the company brand or products. This makes it possible to reach both existing and new customers at a very low cost and in a short time.

The advantage of email marketing is also the ability to precisely target e-mail campaigns and the measurability of the achieved results. Thanks to free analytic tools, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness.

Our offer

  • Preparation of newsletters.
  • Regular mass sending of newsletters, business announcements and e-mails for small, medium-size and large companies.

We use our own unique technical solution "MassMail", which enables low-cost automatic sending of a large number of e-mails in the order of up to hundreds of thousands in a short time.

MassMail system advantages:

The possibility of monitoring the results of the sent offers.

The possibility of integration with external systems using web services.