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Hardware and software sale

We sell hardware and, as a partner in the highest dealership price group, we provide competitive prices.
We provide advisory services, service and a simple warranty claim process for the hardware we sell.

Together with the delivery of goods, we also provide advisory services in the sphere of consultations and recommendations of suitable hardware and software based on the specific requirements of the client.

As a seller, we are a registered partner in the highest group of dealers of AT Computers Company.
AT Computers is one of the major Czech distributors of IT technology and the advantages of this company are:

  • The scope of offered product range
  • The volume of goods in stock
  • Speed of delivery
  • Claim procedure






IT & Marketing

We implement new, more economical solution, provide easy-to-understand advisory services and provide a complex range of IT and marketing.

We supply and implement software security solution ESET.

We provide services of world wide effective device for antispam protection.

We have got important award for extraordinary contribution for sale of 1.000.000 active Skylink cards.