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Eshop | 2015
New e-shop which providing goods and tools for house, apartment and garden.
aurenta-1606-R.jpg | 2016
New website offering purchases of investment gold.
VIP GAS Eshop | 2015
Shop for sellers of gas appliances for household and professional use.
Ministry of Culture | 2016
The website for the Ministry of Culture Czech republic.
SKYLINK | 2015
Implementation and hosting of web portals, complex IT services and maintenance.
Automotive Lighting
Automotive Lighting | 2015
Programming and maintenance the portal R & D Knowledge Base
Technoma a.s. | 2015
Web-catalog with the costing list system for dealer of piping and sewerage system products.
Viadrus | 2014
New graphic design of websites for
Cad system
Eshop | 2015
New eshop design for - Swiss manufacturer Model.
Cloverleaf | 2015
Website for Language Schools optimized for mobile and desktop imaging.
Implementation of Czech doctor's registr and websites, complex IT maintenance.
Varroc Lighting System | 2013
Development new portal module for managing workflow of intelectuall property in Varroc Lighting System company.
EFSC Prague 2014
Musica Pura | 2015
The website for the four-days music festival representatives instrumental styles.

Since 1997, we have been serving in the following areas

We help minimize the costs of IT and marketing and we present the results in the form of clear measured data. We design marketing strategies and develop the follow-up web design, websites, e-shops, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and complete Internet marketing solutions. We develop transparent and secure information systems, including robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions. We run websites and information systems in our technologically advanced data centre. We provide all IT related services, such as the administration of Internet domains, website administration, webhosting, e-mail operation, remote administration of computers, servers and networks, supply of HW and SW, ICT consulting, training, and as well as any special requirements our clients may have.

bottom-1.png You do not have to communicate with multiple suppliers As a central supplier we provide everything from marketing and websites to robust information systems and all IT equipment.
bottom-2.png You do not have to understand everything We solve everything for our clients ourselves and, subsequently report the positive results. We provide easy-to-understand advisory services. We follow the latest trends and opportunities.
bottom-3.png You do not have to pay for useless services We evaluate clients existing IT and marketing solutions and, subsequently implement new, more economical solutions. Savings are demonstrated through clear measured data.
bottom-4.png You do not have to have modest requirements We can manage technologically demanding solutions. We also develop for mobile phones, tablets, TV or DVB-T technology. We participate in science, research and development.