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Logotypes, promotion materials

The complex marketing solutions also include, among many other aspects, graphics in promotion, creation of logotypes and promotional materials. That is why our offer also includes these products and services.

We offer general marketing consulting, realization of company logotypes, graphic manuals and the supply of various types of promotional materials, such as company mercantile printed matters, gift items, billboards, magazines and other products within the scope of complex services provided in the area of marketing.

List of basic promotional elements within the scope of the realization of unifying graphic style in promotion:

Basic graphic and language constants:

  • Trademark (logotype)
  • System of trademarks of subsidiary companies
  • Colour variations of trademark
  • Trademark in orthogonal network
  • Rules of the use of trademark
  • Company script
  • System of company colouring
  • Sample book
  • Company name and address

Company printed matter

  • Business cards (visit cards)
  • Headed paper
  • Letter envelope
  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Files

Business and interpersonal connections

  • Template for the offer of services
  • Template of advertising for human resources department
  • Catalogues and catalogue lists
  • Billboard
  • Magazine
  • Stamp
  • Gift items
  • CD case and print
  • Templates for company presentation (PowerPoint)

Orientation systems

  • Internal orientation systems, symbols and boards
  • Orientation sign-boards
  • External orientation system, access guiding boars (totems)


  • Company flags
  • Bus marking
  • Passenger car marking
  • Working dress marking
  • Building marking


  • The concept of an exhibition stand