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Actual information about events and projects.
1810.packshop_trzby_small.jpg Packshop - Internet Marketing | 01.11.2018

We have engaged in online marketing activities for a major manufacturer of paper packaging. Sales growth increased by 49.47%.

gdpr.system-1807-th.jpg GDPR system | 25.07.2018

New commercial software for documenting corporate documents to meet the conditions of the European Union decree is known as GDPR.

barracuda-1807-th.jpg Antispam Barracuda | 16.07.2018

We use one of the most powerful technologies for suppressing unsolicited email messages from American Barracuda.

vidrus.dily-1806-th.png Viadrus Shopping System | 15.06.2018

Programming a system for on-line ordering of spare parts for Viadrus service technicians.

ISMS-1806-th.jpg ISMS certificate | 08.06.2018

We have begun the certification of ISMS - Information Security Management System, which focuses on the processes of protecting and preventing the damage of processed data.

beskydtour-1806-cg-th.jpg Beskyd Tour | 06.06.2018

Creating websites for the Beskyd Cycling Marathon Tour. The site contains a registration interface and information for competitors about current and previous years.

ortodoncie.havirov-1805-th.jpg U stromovky Clinic | 25.05.2018

New websites for the orthodontic clinic from Havířov. The photographic material which was used for the realization was supplied by client.


examcentre-1804-th.jpg European Assessment Services | 24.04.2018

Creating a new Web site for European Assessment Services by the Language Testing Provider in Poland.

cloverleaf-1804-th.jpg | 23.04.2018

Upgrade of the web portal for booking on language lessons to a new version of CMS with new features and conversion paths optimization. Silesian for life | 11.04.2018

A new website for a political movement striving for a better life for citizens of Silesian district.  

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