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Consulting in IT and marketing

We share our practical experience from the sphere of IT and marketing during the project realization.
We provide the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

At present, we have been witnessing a close interconnection of the fields of information technology and marketing. The main reason is that the advertising media are moving towards the Internet, where they effectively influence public through a variety of Internet advertising services. These include communication and promotion on social networks, email-marketing, banner advertisements on major portals, paid PPC campaigns or SEO optimization for full-text search engines.

Our offer

Our portfolio of products and services also includes the realization of complex marketing. We are ready to use our practical experience for our customers in such a way to minimize the IT and marketing costs, while maximizing the efficiency and use value. We propose specific solutions based on the knowledge of a concrete client in terms of his activities, current market position and defined innovation objectives. During the next step, we present our solution in the form of comprehensible consulting based on clear arguments, and we provide a complex realization of the solution and report the positive outcomes.


IT & Marketing

We implement new, more economical solution, provide easy-to-understand advisory services and provide a complex range of IT and marketing.

We supply and implement software security solution ESET.

We provide services of world wide effective device for antispam protection.

We have got important award for extraordinary contribution for sale of 1.000.000 active Skylink cards.