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Internet advertisement, PPC, SEM

We carefully design advertising on the Internet for each client separately, so that the costs are spent effectively.
Based on our partnerships with leading Internet media, we are able to provide competitive price rates.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Paid advertising on the Internet. This includes, for example, displaying advertising banners, paid links / PPC /, company records in online catalogues or PR articles.

PPC: Pay Per Click

Displaying advertising links on the Internet in search results in full-text search engines. The links are displayed in the form of text links or banners of different formats. Displaying advertising links depends on the keywords used in the search. The price is determined according to the number of clicks on the links. Keywords, price per click, and other characteristics are controlled and managed as campaigns.

Our offer providing Internet advertising

We provide the products and services of paid Internet advertising on the Internet within the frame of complex Internet marketing.
Our partners include popular Internet portals providing effective advertising products
We design paid advertising according to specific marketing requirements taking into account the value/money factor.