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SEO, optimization for search engines

As the creators of websites, we have been dealing with SEO optimization for long time and we implement the acquired experience into the websites. This way, we gradually shift the positions in full-text search engines upwards.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The aim of SEO is to achieve the highest possible position in the search results in full-text search engines (e.g. Google) based on the use of a keyword or a phrase.

SEO website optimization involves a number of tasks and aspects that affect the position in the searched results in full-text search engines. It is a problem, the characteristics of which witness fluctuation in time-

Our offer of SEO optimization:

We have been continuously monitoring the development of the specific SEO area and we apply new trends in the construction of websites and e-shops.
We provide a complex solution of SEO optimization, consisting of these parts:
  • On page general optimization
  • On page key words optimization
  • Realization of off page factors
  • One-off website SEO optimization
  • Framework SEO website support involves continuous measurement and evaluation