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Social networks, Facebook, Twitter

Our complex Internet marketing solutions also include the provision of social networks services,
corporate websites, PPC campaigns and other social network options.

Nowadays, the social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) represent one of the important tools that modern companies utilize.

Why use social networks??

Company website on social networks is currently as standard as a conventional website. Company website on social networks allows attracting new customers, informing about products, services, or current events. Another significant advantage is the possibility of two-way communication that enables you to obtain valuable feedback from customers.

Benefits of social network websites:

  • An effective way attract new customers
  • Effective communication with customers
  • Increasing the SEO effectiveness
  • Building the company credibility
  • Easy and simple administration of website content
  • Free operation of company website

Our offer:

  • Creation and support of company websites on social networks
  • Consulting in the area of social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter
  • Administration of advertising ‘Pay Per Click’ and advertising campaigns on social networks