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User environment and ergonomics, GUI, UX

We have been intensively dealing with the issue of construction of a simple user environment of information systems for a long time.
We use newer and newer current technological possibilities to simplify the work of the user.

User environment or information system layout is an environment the user works with. Correctly designed layout, including the user´s environment ergonomic solution, directly and significantly affects the quality level of the information system.
GUI: Graphical user interface
UX: User eXperience

Our solution

We have been dealing with the issue of building the layout for a long time, within the frame of the research projects as well.
We realize the concept of layout solution for our own development of software systems for special orders and also as an independent product.
The product of layout design is a documentation that describes the unified properties of user environment in terms of graphical styles, object placement and process description.