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Webdesign and conversion goals

Once the website visitor achieves the conversion goal, he becomes a customer. Meeting the conversion goals thus represents the main purpose of the websites. That is why the conversion goals are included among the important aspects of website construction.

The quality of websites is usually assessed according to various aspects. One of the most important factors showing the quality of a website is the so-called conversion rate of the website. Conversion is the transformation of a website visitor into a customer.

Conversion goals can take different forms, such as:

  • order
  • subscription to a newsletter
  • viewing a specific page (contacts, price list, product details)
  • sending an inquiry
  • reservation

In order to meet the conversion goals of a website, it is necessary to create conditions for the permeability of the conversion tunnels.
Web design and the overall website architecture is the determining factor of the permeability of conversion tunnels.

Our solution

When designing a website, we take into account a number of factors that positively affect permeability. We follow the current trends and implement them in website construction.
We particularly focus on the following aspects:
  • Objects lay-out
  • Colour scheme
  • Typography
  • Ergonomics
  • Responsive design, customizing website to be displayed on a mobile phone, tablet, notebook, desktop computer

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