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Actual information about events and projects.
autoscore.source.2018-01-12-th.jpg Autoscore | 12.01.2018

Implementation of a specialized B2B e-shop with starters, alternators and compressors for trucks and passenger cars, construction and technical machines for Autoscore s.r.o. company.

PF-2017-1712-th.jpg PF 2018 | 21.12.2017
Thank you for your cooperation in 2017 and wishing you many personal and professional successes in 2018.  
asp-1712b-th.jpg Automotive Spare Parts | 04.12.2017

We created and run a new websites for a automotive company with using custom-made photos.

clk_skoleni-1711-th.jpg New registry system for CLK | 01.12.2017

We created a new register for the Czech Medical Chamber, which was presented at the Olomouc Training Center.

goldsparplan03-1711-th.jpg Goldsparplan | 30.11.2017

Development and launch of Goldsparplan client software for the German company Deutsche Vermögensberatung.

egibi-1710-th.jpg Egibi s.r.o. | 17.10.2017

New websites for distributor of decorative goods and household equipment.  

ekka-1710-th.jpg Ekka Gold | 13.10.2017

New version of Ekka Gold web sites and e-shop for Ekka Gold to support responsive delivery of web content.

171005-cms-th.gif New CMS version | 05.10.2017

We've created a new version of the Content Management System that reflects current developer trends.

satjam-1709B-th.png CCS Satjam Bonus | 07.09.2017

Creating a web and mobile application Satjam Bonus for registering orders, credit counting, and ordering premium CCS cards.

hzp-1708-th.png HŽP a.s. | 30.08.2017

Creating a new website for the HZP Ironworks company with display support for mobile phones, smart TV and desktops.

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